TAKING CARE OF THE WORLD before everything else, and Why

TAKING CARE OF THE WORLD before everything else, and Why

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By Ricardo Barbetti

NATURE was before than the human being and its civilizations, technologies, arts and sciences, theories and economics. And it is Nature without human intervention that makes the correct functioning of the world possible, renews the fertility of the earth, maintains the air suitable for breathing, the regularity of the climate, the purity of the water, the normal functioning of the rivers; it prevents pests from appearing (pests are common only in places transformed by modern society), it makes it possible for millions of plants and animals to exist and thus there is food, beauty, harmony, affection and peace in the world.

The order of Nature made and makes possible that there are human beings and all other beings: animals, rocks, plants, mountains, the wind, the clouds ... That is why this order must have very great values ​​and that is why it is necessary to take care of it, and this is Take care of the world.

There are also bugs that bite, diseases, dangers, but you can learn to avoid and cure them, it is not necessary or convenient to exterminate Nature to save yourself from those things, nor does it work.

And Nature gives surprises, adventures, beauty; that is necessary to be in good mood.

That is why the natural order, the wild, has an immense value. All this many already know; For others it seems fantasy because they know very little about Nature and instead they know almost only about work, businesses, buildings, machines, cities, everything artificial, and they consider Nature only as "natural resources" to use, or they only have prejudices and fears, so it may be necessary to explain it in detail and examples; I want to do it, the explanation exists and it is proven to be real.

It is necessary to take care of Nature so that everything can be, so that we can be human.

But modern humanity is exterminating Nature with immense speed; million hectares per year, and faster and faster.

This brings very bad results for humanity, for all beings and for the landscape, because in this way all the immense values ​​I mentioned before are destroyed.

And it cannot make peace between people if human beings wage war against Nature, because compassion, understanding and kindness are towards everything, or they are not.

Modern culture destroys nature much more than is necessary and convenient, in cities and in the countryside. It does this because in this culture people do not have, in their common everyday experience, enough opportunities to know and understand how valuable Nature is, how beautiful and convenient the wild is.

Instead, most spend most of their time locked between things made by industry (buildings, pavements, machines), agriculture (monocultures of wheat, sugar, soybeans), and livestock (beef, dairy products, chickens). supermarket), and with the attention focused only on machines (televisions, computers, cars, audio equipment, etc.), newspapers, magazines, books or businesses, and millions of other things provided by the trade. They have little or no free time in natural landscapes, with wild plants and animals, rivers, rocks, mountains, meadows ... Nature.

That is why most believe that the artificial, things made by human beings, is the only important thing; that is why instead of Nature they say "natural resources". This expression, which is said a lot, means that Nature is nothing more than a thing to use, that it is not worth in itself nor does it have rights nor is it necessary to respect it.

For all this it is increasingly difficult to realize that the world, reality and humanity itself, are prior to trade, the economy, work, industry, agriculture and livestock; that all this and the same human being were possible and continue to exist for what had since before: the soil, the air, the rain, the Sun, the forests, rivers, seas, swamps, meadows, mountains, deserts ... that exist and function well for millions of years without the need for money, or livestock or machines, factories or crops.

For all this, it is necessary - and urgent - to use every opportunity to help everyone who can have the joy and satisfaction of knowing and understanding all these things.

If they are taught well, understanding them is a pleasure, it is the best hobby and it is enormously useful, it is not effort or suffering or a waste of time. It is important to do it on television because it reaches millions of people. It is not convincing or compelling to

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