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Documentary about forest fires and the retreat of the native forest in the province of Córdoba (Argentina)

Every year, the province of Córdoba suffers the onslaught of forest fires. The fragile ecological balance, the rapid decline of native forests, the scarcity of drinking water, and the deterioration of the soils require our immediate attention.

"Cenizas" is an audiovisual documentary made independently by Abel Sberna and Florencia Díaz. It addresses the problem of the decline of the native forest in the province of Córdoba, taking forest fires as a starting point, to deepen the impact that this decline has on environmental, socio-cultural and economic factors in the region.

The present work is the result of three years of research and work. It has interviews with experts on the subject and inhabitants of the affected areas.

Video: Ashes by Claire Guerreso feat. on ABCs Station 19 OFFICIAL (May 2022).