Bike-machines to save energy (with manuals)

Bike-machines to save energy (with manuals)

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A bicimáquina is a device that works with pedals. It involves a creative process in which bicycle parts are adapted to make machines with which different tasks can be done more easily.

Thus, various bicimáquinas have been developed such as biciladores, biciladores for corn or wheat, bicilicuadoras of water, bicilicuadoras and many others.

The bicilavadora

This ingenious washing machine uses the energy generated when pedaling so it also takes care of the environment by using renewable energy, its creators detail: “when you use this bicycle, the pedaling movement rotates the drum of the machine and at the same time, the electricity remaining generated can be used for future washes ”.

In addition to being ecological, it also contributes to people's health, because thanks to the cardio that is performed while washing, heart problems can be prevented, overweight, and not to mention that we would be toning the muscles of the legs among other things.

Manuals for bicimáquinas

Construction-of-bicimolino. Photographic manual to build a bicimáquina to grind grains.

Bicilavadora instructions. Photographic manual to make a clothes bicilavadora.

Construction of a bicycle pump for a well. Learn how to build a bi-machine to pump water from a well. We give you all the instructions.

Construction-of-bicilicuadora. Manual to build a bi-machine to make smoothies or shakes.


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