The Amazon is burning: No to the EU-Brazil trade agreement!

The Amazon is burning: No to the EU-Brazil trade agreement!

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The Amazon is on fire to produce cheap meat. The EU is negotiating a trade agreement, similar to the TTIP, with countries in South America, including Brazil.

For the far-right Brazilian president, Bolsonaro, it is very important to get the agreement finalized, since it would allow Brazil to sell cheap meat and soybeans to all of Europe.

Do you feel helpless when you see the Amazon rainforest on fire? You do not have to. As a European we can help save the Amazon!

France and Ireland have already threatened to vote against this agreement if Brazil does not take action on the fires. Let's call on all EU leaders to do the same and thus press for Brazil to stop the Amazon fires!

With the blessing of Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro, illegal loggers are staging a full-blown attack on the "green lung" of our planet. First they cut down the trees, then they burn the land and use it for livestock and agricultural activities. They are destroying vital carbon stocks and the hundreds of thousands of species that call it home. Everything to help the meat industry.

And Europe is about to add fuel to the fire! The EU intends to sign a "new TTIP" with the Mercosur bloc: with member countries such as Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay. It is an agreement to import cheap meat, soybeans, wood and other products grown on the ashes of the Amazon.

The trade agreement between the EU and Brazil

The trade agreement between the EU and Brazil is a source of pride for President Bolsonaro. He knows the stakes are high: the EU is Brazil's second largest trading partner. This deal has been in negotiation for more than 20 years and is about to be closed: Bolsonaro brags about how he will get it signed shortly. With the negotiations still open, the EU has a powerful means to pressure and get Bolsonaro to save the Amazon.

That is why, as Europeans, we must mobilize immediately, in large numbers, and tell our leaders to stop the EU-Brazil negotiations.

The trade agreement between the EU and the Mercosur bloc would allow products from these countries to quickly enter Europe, fattening the pockets of large companies on both sides of the Atlantic.

And although the politicians behind the agreement claim that it includes a “commitment to tackle deforestation,” more than 600 scientists, two Brazilian indigenous organizations and 340 civil society groups warn us that this clause is a fiasco. Europe should not reward Bolsonaro and his cronies for the unspeakable devastation of the rainforest, which has been happening since he took office just eight months ago.

Can ordinary people like you and me stop a treaty that has been in the works for years?

Of course! Do you remember the TTIP? When the EU and the US were about to sign an agreement that would have inundated Europe with hormone-treated meat and GM products, people like you joined in a citizen movement of more than three million people, and our pressure helped for the treaty to stop.

Now, we have to fight against the EU-Brazil agreement and convince the new, and more environmentalist, European Parliament and the new European leaders, to declare that they want to fight for the climate, that there can be no agreement while the Amazon is on fire.

Given the well-documented deforestation, human rights violations, and non-compliance with climate commitments, we call on all European leaders to halt the EU-Mercosur trade agreement negotiations, especially with Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro.

Source: We move Europe

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