Shampoo in soap containers, how have we not thought about it before?

Shampoo in soap containers, how have we not thought about it before?

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Do you know how many containers of shampoo a person spends in his life? The answer to this question is not at all commensurate with the planet's capacity to accumulate waste: around 800 plastic containers are used… just for shampoo!

Considering that there are more than 7 million people in the world, do the math… With that in mind, Chinese designer Mi Zhou has developed shampoo bottles made of soap that last up to 2 months.

The idea of ​​creating these containers was the result of his work to finish his industrial designer course at the University of Art in London. The goal is to revolutionize our relationship with consumption to reduce the impact we have on the environment.

The soap packaging wears off as it is used and lasts up to two months. It is a great alternative to achieve an increasingly sustainable world, right?

Just as edible straws already exist, soapy shampoo bottles are just a few of the creative packaging design solutions that can help end the world's need for so much plastic.

Remembering that in this case, the soap has to be biodegradable to be totally green. And if so, ok! Let new ideas like this arise. Less plastic is more!

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Solid shampoo, no packaging

Another interesting alternative since you are in this to reduce the use of plastic is solid shampoo, its advantages are:

Its natural origin, withoutparabens nor sulfate, it is ideal for sensitive skin. Another of its special ingredients are essential oils, capable of stimulating the scalp, for a deeper wash.

Conventional shampoos tend to leave residues that, in the long run, accumulate on the hair, taking away its natural shine, generating dandruff, ceborrhea and other skin conditions.

It is ideal for sensitive skin as it avoids the direct contact of the product with the scalp (only the foam comes into contact) and, therefore, the irritation that some ingredients of the cleansing products can cause on the skin.

Each bar has an average useful life of between 80 to 100 washes, and to extend its use it is necessary to store it in a dry place. A single wash is enough, you do not need a second pass as is usually done with conventional shampoo. One tablet of solid shampoo is roughly equivalent to three medium-size bottles of liquid shampoo, making it a cost-effective and efficient product.

Another advantage is that it pollutes much less, since it is not packaged in plastic bottles, reducing the impact on the environment. Keep reading

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