Obsessed with producing

Obsessed with producing

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This short film shows the dangers of our obsession with productivity.

Productivity is so obsessed today that it can be the central motive of life for some people. This undermines humanized work and those who do it, limiting not only their work benefits, but also taking total control of their lives so that they are always available to work.

Merger [integration or fusion], the four-minute short film is the work of Keiichi Matsuda, an architect and designer who built a workstation based on extracting maximum productivity from operators, until they are part of the operating system.

The woman who appears inMerger She is literally immersed in her work - her desk simultaneously displays all of her clients, and her routines are rigorously mapped out so she doesn't waste a minute on non-work essential activities (like eating or socializing).

The robotization of work

During the last century, work has undergone a gradual automation process, in which electrical systems of greater or lesser complexity replace human work - many times making it faster, more efficient, or simply safer.

It is worth reminding us that Bertrand Russell, that great critic of productivity, stated that "The wise use of leisure is a product of civilization and education." There is so much more to life than just work.

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