Greenland glaciers melt ahead of schedule

Greenland glaciers melt ahead of schedule

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Haunting images of rivers and lakes among the Greenland Glaciers draw the attention of experts.

NASA researchers have captured the images of these formations, weeks earlier than usual.

The glaciologist Brooke Medley, a member of the IceBridge operation, sent by NASA to Greenland, shared some of the images captured during the expedition to study in detail the changes in the polar regions and their relationship with the global climate on social media.

Greenland is one of the coldest places on the planet, but days ago the temperatures were remarkably high for the time. Medley commented:

"Although the blue water is amazing, the early onset of the melting over Greenland is worrying for the planet"

Temperatures in Arctic regions rise twice as fast as those on the rest of the planet. Greenland, according to a recent study, does so four times faster than 15 years ago, which in the future would increase the sea level and affect coastal cities.

Recently, during the International Forum of the Arctic Council, in Rovaniemi, Finland, the United States refused to sign a joint statement on challenges for the Arctic because it was drafted with reference to the concept of climate change.

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