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Foods that never expire (or almost never) even if the packaging says so

Foods that never expire (or almost never) even if the packaging says so

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The product has been in the refrigerator or in the cupboard for a long time, it looks good, it does not smell bad, but the packaging says it has expired.

To throw it away or not to throw it away?

Sometimes we get rid of products that we think are suitable for consumption, just because we trust the date of consumption marked on the packaging, but the truth is that there are foods and beverages that can last forever.


It is one of the most consumed foods in the world, since it is easy to keep perfectly in any situation. The best thing is to keep it in a dry place and in plastic or glass containers, so it is able to last up to 30 years without losing its nutritional properties or flavor.


Thanks to its high sugar content, it is almost impossible for it to be affected by bacteria which helps to guarantee its duration. In addition, in closed cans it does not come into contact with water or air, so it can last forever. In fact, this product has been found in ancient Egyptian tombs and could be consumed without problems.


No matter how long the bottle has been open, the vinegar will keep in perfect condition. For many centuries it has been used as a method of preserving food, so its properties are maintained. It can also be used as a cleaning product. It is necessary to keep it away from heat sources.


Due to its high sodium content, soy sauce is a timeless product, although there are some nuances. As long as it is kept in its original container, it will perfectly withstand the passage of time, but once opened, it will gradually lose properties and should be consumed within three years.


As long as the drying process has been carried out correctly, beans, lima beans or chickpeas can last up to 30 years in perfect condition. For optimal conservation, they need to be vacuum packed and avoid sunlight. Water is your main enemy.


The key to lasting forever is conservation. Its low humidity means that it cannot be colonized by bacteria, so the main danger is insects, especially ants. A dry place with mild temperatures is a guarantee of success.


Those that have a high alcohol content such as vodka, rum, whiskey, gin or tequila will keep in very good condition for many years (they simply lose a little flavor). To achieve this, it is necessary that the bottles are closed and kept in a dry place out of sunlight.


It is a mineral, so it is able to keep moisture away. It has also traditionally been used as a food preservative and guarantees years and years of use without losing an iota of quality.


It is a very popular product in Anglo-Saxon countries, mainly in the United States. It is an excellent source of dietary fiber that has the advantage that it does not expire due to its high levels of sugar and salt.


Its drying process means that both coffee and chocolate can be kept in perfect condition for decades as long as they are powdered. Simply by adding a little water we already have these two drinks at our disposal.


It is not a product that we use continuously, so it is a relief not to be buying it frequently. As long as the container is kept closed in a dry place we will have flour for an unlimited time.


They are very necessary to season food and fortunately they are not very perishable. If they are kept in their original packaging and in a dry place, they can last a long time.


They are dehydrated vegetables, animal fat and salt, so they are perfectly preserved thanks mainly to the mineral. Moisture is capable of spoiling them, so it is necessary to keep them away from it to guarantee their flavor and durability. In any case, we do not recommend its consumption in general, see why: Bouillon cubes: pieces of poison

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