Finally a viral challenge to keep the planet clean: #trashtag

Finally a viral challenge to keep the planet clean: #trashtag

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The proposal to take photos before and after cleaning the garbage accumulated in nature begins to spread worldwide on Social Networks under #trashtag.

This new viral challenge is making the world a cleaner place.

The challenges or challenges (challenge) on social networks have become one of the most popular and changing fashions in recent times. On some occasions, these challenges go beyond the norm and propose interesting and innovative ideas, this time the proposal is to improve the conservation of the environment.

To participate, any person or organization can do it just by taking a photo before and after cleaning an area with garbage and then uploading it to social networks with the #trashtag.

Apparently, the challenge that aims to become viral on a global scale was launched from the account in Facebookby Byron Román, educational director of the VAREP center in Phoenix, United States.

Other initiatives

In recent years, a long list of international initiatives for cleaning the environment have been launched with the support of social networks, among which we can highlight #cleanupnature or #YoElijoPlaneta.

In Spain, the most prominent social mobilization and awareness initiative in this field in recent years is undoubtedly theLibera project , ofSEO / BirdLife in alliance withEcoembes . Through its various initiatives, the Libera project facilitates the removal of garbage that accumulates in natural spaces (garbage nature) through citizen collaboration.

The “Trashtag Challenge” inspires people on Twitter, Instagram, and Reddit to walk around and clean up whatever trash they find.

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Video: Meet the Neighbors: Fish Creek Cleanup Challenge (July 2022).


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