An herbal tea recipe that will help you sleep well

An herbal tea recipe that will help you sleep well

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Throughout time and cultures, several all-natural herbal remedies known to help induce restful sleep have been created.

A common remedy has always been a herbal tea blend, specifically designed with herbs that produce a sedative effect ... taken just before bed.

Herbs such as:

  • Chamomile flowers provide soothing relief for the nervous system.
  • Oats give us balance.
  • Valerian and hop flowers have the power to relax you and induce a deep and restful sleep.
  • Passionflower, it will bring a feeling of calm.

In my experience, there have been three extremely powerful natural remedies that have transformed the way I, and my family, sleep. And today I would like to share with you my recipe for a Herbal Tea to go to bed!

Herbal tea at bedtime


* Buy wild or organically grown herbs whenever possible. Parts are measured by volume and not by weight.

-3 parts of chamomile flowers
-2 parts lemon balm
-1 part catnip (Nepeta cataria)
-1 part oatmeal
-1 part passionflower
-1/4 parts of hop flowers
-1/4 part Valerian root


  1. Measure out the parts of each of the herbs listed and mix in a large bowl until well combined.
  2. Grab your tea accessories, tea infusers and / or teapots… and make a cup! (Note: I get all of my loose leaf tea supplies online from Mountain Rose Herbs.)
  3. This herbal tea blend will keep stored in a cool, dark place for about 6 months. (Note: I like to store all my teas in glass jars with tight lids.)
  4. This tea is mild enough to use every night. Have a cup 30 minutes before bedtime.

Original recipe (in English)

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