Venice will be buried under water in 2100 due to climate change

Venice will be buried under water in 2100 due to climate change

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The truth is that Venice has been fighting water for centuries, since the phenomenon of high tides is a constant threat. But this time it is not a pulse, but its end, warns the study, according to which a rise of 140 centimeters in sea level in the Mediterranean is expected in the next century.

It can still be avoided

This rise in sea level will mean the flooding of around 300 kilometers of coastline between the north of the Adriatic and the west of Italy, so that the Venetian city would inevitably be buried under water. The forecast assumes that climate change continues to advance as it is doing so far, as well as current containment measures, so it could not be met if we act urgently and effectively both to devise and implement defense methods and when it comes to combat climate change. The first premise depends on the political will to invest in research, as well as the possibility of implementing possible inventions. Similarly, other cities or countries that are in similar situations, such as the Netherlands, could advance in this direction, perhaps jointly, since the thaw causes a chaotic rise in sea level for many coastal areas. Finally, relying on global action to achieve results in the second requirement is daunting. Unless the world turns green as soon as possible, stopping climate change will continue to be a utopia.Ecoportal.netNoticias Ambientaleshttp: //

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