Soriu, the machine that makes edible glasses with a Japanese seaweed

Soriu, the machine that makes edible glasses with a Japanese seaweed

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His motivation came after continuously seeing the amount of garbage generated by plastic cups in his school. He decided to find an alternative to help reduce this waste.

His prototype manufactures glasses in an automated way from a material produced with algae extract. It is suitable for use in any place, offices, schools ...

The prototype has a container with a motor attached to the lid, a 3D-printed sweeper, an immersion heater and a valve at the bottom, which lets the solution made with algae extracts up to the mold.

It incorporates a control box, with a bluetooth antenna, and the rest of the electronic devices.

Soriu glasses are edible, but if they end up in the trash or in the wild, they only take 2 weeks to degrade naturally.

The boy's future is to study two university degrees, biotechnology and electronic engineering at the National University of San Martín.

The search for alternatives to plastic is no longer something that is valued in the long term, currently, there are already several countries that are prohibiting the use of plastic bags, in addition to plates, cutlery and other single-use plastic items. These alternatives are the present of an industry that must already change its philosophy, to replace plastic with biodegradable ecological materials. As always, with political will, everything would go faster and better.


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