New forest law in Córdoba, a terrifying scenario

New forest law in Córdoba, a terrifying scenario

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By Mter. Luis Tuninetti

Deaths, thousands of victims and billions of pesos in material losses due to floods associated directly with brutal deforestation were not enough. Sierras Chicas, Cuenca del Ctalamochita, Jesús María and other places were seriously affected by a combo of climate change, terrible water and urban planning and… the lack of vegetation cover.

Today, agribusiness with rural associations and the ruling party are promoting a bill that means the death of the province's forests.

What are the most controversial points of this project?

- Go from 50% of the red to yellow surface (from risk to alert).

- Allows intensive livestock farming and sowing of exotic pastures

- There is no limitation to the use of rolling

- Does not prohibit chemical stripping

- Lower penalties for offenders.

- Enables the restoration of native forests burned with exotic species

- The bushes, essential for the renewal of degraded sectors, are not considered forest.

- No limitation on the use of motorized means is established

- Enable mining in red and yellow areas

The project that is being discussed contradicts the National Forest Law, which promotes an ever greater protected area. The current Forest Law in force is already unconstitutional and nothing has been done so far.

Practically all sectors have openly expressed their rejection of this new law, from academics from the three national universities in the province, environmental associations, peasants and various political parties.

A forced Legislative Hearing

When we wanted, before a fenced and heavily guarded legislature, ECO SITIO (RENACE) and many organizations, to witness the meeting of the Ecology Commission of the Unicameral, but it was impossible, in a situation of tension bordering the beginning of the repression. Forced by this situation the Unicameral called to Hearing, where? in the north of the province, almost two hundred kilometers from the Capital, in an attempt to hinder citizen and institutional participation.

Today we are at a breaking point: on Thursday the Hearing will be held in Villa de María del Río Seco of a law that, if approved as it is, will be the ecosystem end of the province, the risks of flooding in many sectors and environmental degradation will increase , gradual but inexorable, will be inherited by our children.

* Secretary of Eco Sitio
Villa Maria - Cordoba
Contact information:
[email protected]
Eco Site | Ecology, Environment and Energy

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