Valuable files are recovered proving the health impact of pesticides

Valuable files are recovered proving the health impact of pesticides

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“Thanks to the support received! We have managed to regain custody of the #CampamentosSanitarios documentary ", wrote Verzeñassi on his Twitter account, after the national and international support campaign that was unleashed as soon as the Faculty of Medical Sciences of the National University of Rosario began to apply cuts of professionals and threatened to eliminate the program directed by the Paraná doctor.

The responsibility for this cut fell on the dean of Medical Sciences, Ricardo Nidd, who publicly detached himself from the interdict. “Far from this accusation, our Faculty has given ample signs of social commitment to popular causes. From its model of unrestricted entry and innovative curricula based on the Primary Health Care strategy, to my public demonstration in defense of Health as a Right and the position in favor of Collective Health, in which, the fight for Socio-Environmental Health is a non-negotiable issue. This dean favored and personally managed the allocation of the necessary resources for the health camps that take place at the close of the Final Practice and from which all the information is obtained, which is in the possession of its organizers: Dr. Verzeñassi and Dr. Palacios in front of them, "he said.

And he said that the public denunciations of Verzeñassi, “that he is a teacher at the House and academic head of the Final Practice, but that he is not an Accredited Researcher of the Faculty, he is not part of any body linked to Scientific Research and that he is not an Epidemiologist The title appears after a conflict that arose in mid-August, when he presented a Final Practice project that, to the consideration of the management group and me, harmed all students and was resisted by student groups, so I deactivated it in the framework of the Board of Directors ”.

What had happened is that the Faculty closed the place that Verzeñassi and his team occupied, and separated professionals. In addition, the information collected in the health camps was at serious risk of loss.

Now, the members of the work team of the Institute and the Socio-Environmental Health and Health Camps and Final Practice of the Medicine Career at UNR want to make public our deep gratitude to those who have sent us from the most diverse corners of the planet their support and solidarity in the face of the difficult moments that our Faculty has experienced in recent weeks ”.

“It is urgent for us to inform society as a whole that today, with the presence of the legal advisor of the Faculty of Medical Sciences, it was possible to enter the office where the documentary material referring to the Camps was located Sanitary ware carried out to date and transfer the same, after inventory, to the headquarters of the Institute of Socio-environmental Health (located within the Institution) to, in this way, restart the work process of data analysis and construction of the final reports ”, They pointed out.

And they added: “Undoubtedly the innumerable expressions of solidarity received from social movements, neighbors, intellectuals, academics, artists, journalists, education and public health workers, researchers, trade unions, legislators, social referents, as well as The actions of many actors who, from their places, guaranteed the possibility of recovery of some dialogues, allowed the Dean of the Faculty to commit to this day, in addition to allowing us to access and recover the claimed documentary, to guarantee the continuity of the Camps Health, as well as the functioning of the Institute and the matter Socio-environmental Health, and the freedom of work of all its members ”.

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