Where is the world's greenest resort going to be built?

Where is the world's greenest resort going to be built?

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By Miguel Mañueco

It is planned to be in the Liwa oasis, in the southern part of the United Arab Emirates, which is located in the middle of the rigorous Rub al-Jali desert, 150 km from Abu Dhabi; It is here, in the capital, where the Eco Resort Group, creator of the initiative, is based.

The ecoresort, which is being designed by the prestigious London studio Baharash Architecture, will be possible thanks to the presence of groundwater that will make it reach the surface through a large source. This will supply the entire establishment, as well as the garden areas and the orchard.

Around this released water, 84 interconnected suites of different types will be arranged. From all of them, the most incredible views of the desert are guaranteed. As well as from the bar and restaurant, where local specialties and international organic dishes made with ingredients grown in situ will be served.

Users will be able to collaborate in the collection of the garden products and also in the capture of the fish from the fountain pond. Fruits, vegetables and meat from kilometer zero will also be used, that is, brought from nearby farms.

Likewise, all items used in the wellness spa area will be purely biological, which, like the rest of the facilities, practices water recycling. Full ecology: polluting emissions will not exist and energy will come from huge solar panels. The name of the place? Oasis Eco Resort.

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