The bike of the future is here (and nobody can steal it from you)

The bike of the future is here (and nobody can steal it from you)

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By José L. Álvarez Cedena

The Dutch Carlier are, like many in Amsterdam, their city of origin, lovers of bicycles. In fact, they both believe that riding a bike makes you more creative. “For a few years, I stopped making the usual commute from home to work because my apartment was ten meters from the office, says Taco Carlier when talking about his new creation. I stopped riding my bike to go to work and also gave up some of my happiness and productivity. So after three years I packed all my things and moved to a new house on the outskirts of Amsterdam. That is how rewarding the experience is, they say, of riding on their new electric bicycle, the Electrified S, equipped with a security system through a mobile app that makes it practically invulnerable to theft.

Some have already been quick to compare VanMoof's new machine with Tesla's smart cars, in the sense that they represent a true revolution for this mode of transport. The Electrified S, say the Carlier, is so light that it does not look like an electric bicycle and its powerful but silent motor makes it suitable for any type of urban terrain (even those with steep slopes or where you have to face the force of the wind ). The autonomy of the Electrified S is another of its great strengths, since it allows you to roll up to 120km on a single charge: enough, for example, to pedal from Puerta del Sol in Madrid to Plaza Mayor in Guadalajara and back.

The Carliers say they have a mission: to make the bicycle spread in many other cities and that the case of Amsterdam is not the exception, but the rule. They are so convinced of it, that on their website they dare to challenge everything and everyone: “thieves, hills, traffic or security. If there is something that stands between you and your desire to ride a bicycle, we are prepared to find a solution ”.

Editing: Azahara Mígel / Douglas Belisario

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