Morocco bans the use of plastic bags

Morocco bans the use of plastic bags

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The Government of Morocco has approved a bill that prohibits the manufacture and marketing of plastic bags in the local market, in order to limit their negative effects on the environment.

The regulations also stipulate the prohibition of the export and import of these bags or their distribution, either free or paid, as reported today in a statement from the Ministry of Communication after the meeting of the Governing Council on Thursday.

On the other hand, the bill dedicates articles that control the use of other types of plastic bags for industrial or agricultural use, isothermal or freezer bags and those used for garbage collection.

The president of the Mawarid Association for the Environment and Energy, Yasin Zegzuti, explained to Efe that these regulations will help limit the harmful effects of these bags on the country's fauna and flowers.

However, Zegzuti stressed the need to adopt actions that should accompany the implementation of this law, change "progressively" the modes of production and consumption in Moroccan society, as well as seek alternatives for operating companies in this sector.

The president of the Mawarid association stressed the need to carry out more efforts in poor areas where points of sale sell retail products (which means more use of plastic bags) and to control the informal sector that produces these plastics.

According to Mawarid estimates, Morocco consumes about 3 billion plastic bags annually, with an average of 11.7 kilos per year per inhabitant.


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