How to make a natural sponge

How to make a natural sponge

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We have to distinguish the natural vegetable sponges from the marine ones, they are not the same sponges, even the marine ones can be a bit more complicated to obtain and not entirely advisable due to the possible intrusion of marine ecosystems. Vegetables as they are the fruit of a plant we will not have a problem getting them.

Once we have the fruit, which we can collect from nature itself or have planted it ourselves, the plant is called luffa and we will plant it at the end of winter.

In this video we explain how to get this natural sponge, which has a longer useful life than the synthetic ones, apart from the fact that they will take better care of our skin, with its natural touch it makes them an excellent exfoliant, which helps us to eliminate dead tissue from Gently rubbing the skin, given its shape and perforations, it produces a gentle massage that helps us to activate blood circulation. Learn how to make it yourself!

Author: Toni Frito. Ecological horticulturist and always looking for a way to grow our plants in an ecological way, and above all also use all means to save money and reuse things that people use as garbage, seeking to be more self-sufficient and above all to get closer to mother nature (Facebook / Twitter / Youtube).

Video: Twist Natural Sponge Review and Day Zero of Composting (July 2022).


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