How much oxygen does a tree produce?

How much oxygen does a tree produce?

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After hiring the sources and consulting with some connoisseurs of the subject, I decided to write and suggest the figure on How much oxygen does a tree produce? Of course, they are average figures that are the closest to reality since to calculate the amount that trees generate, many variables that come into play must be considered: forest species, age, size, location and others. But for educational purposes what I offer you is enough.

The big question we ask ourselves:how much oxygen a tree produces? It should serve as a starting point to motivate you to plant and / or support organizations that are dedicated to that noble cause.

As a "plus", do not forget that a society educated in the preservation of the environment will ensure that politicians, polluting companies, without ruling out citizens who are often "protagonists" co-responsible for this regrettable environmental degradation, will control in order to enrich our medium with these noble creatures, if the term is worth it.

Let's do our thing, learn how much oxygen does a tree produce? Value and love this beautiful work of nature more.

Trees are the lungs of the planet, that is undeniable. As we raze and deforest the few remaining forest masses on the planet, we are playing a Russian roulette with the future of the environment.

As human beings prey on forests and jungles without any kind of sustainable model, we are literally affecting the environment and with that, plants, animals, watersheds, climate and a long etcetera. The effects are on a scale that varies but they do exist.

The question we sometimes ask ourselves refers to how much oxygen a tree produces per day, well, I have found the following data that by far are curious and interesting, of course it is an "average" figure since the production of this vital gas for life it varies depending on the species of tree, its age, height and so on.

Are required 22 trees to meet the oxygen demand of one person a day. 0.41 hectares with trees (1 hectare equals 10,000 square meters, let's say an urban block), it produces enough oxygen per day for 18 people.

The data has been obtained from the forestmanagement and wizetime web pages, which I have also collated in the articles that I have been publishing in recent years. If you want to find information on a specific topic, use the "search" box in this blog and hopefully you will find something that will be of use to you.

Before you close the window of your device, I beg you to consider planting your tree. You can do it in your patio, garden, sidewalk, or open field. If this is not possible, support the entities that carry out these tasks. If you cannot with any of these options, ask, press, demand that your authorities do so. Do not forget that politicians live on our votes and if they do not comply with our demands they will not be favored by us.

I have been proclaiming as a policy of this news outlet the call to people to stop being useless spectators of the destruction of our environment. I call for action, let us be more active, write on blogs, create spaces for dialogue and awareness, press politicians to incorporate massive tree planting into their government plans (is an example), sue the industries that pollute us, bad neighbors and supports those who do environmental work.

To shake ourselves out of that state of apathy and plant thousands of trees so that there is a lot of oxygen to breathe.

And I take the opportunity to complement the theme resulting from the research of the team of scientists from more than 14 countries headed by Mr. Crowther and published in the journal "Nature" where I rescue valuable data:

- The average number of trees per inhabitant on the planet is 422.

- Every year we cut down, destroy, 15.0000 million trees and plant 10,000 years. The deficit is 5,000 million trees. We live in a dangerous deficit.

Since human civilization began to develop, about 46% of the forests have disappeared to this day.

All told, it is worth asking yourself: is it worth planting a tree? Should reforestation policies be supported? Should we vote for government plans that include the preservation of the environment? Should we denounce and condemn public and private figures who prey on the environment? ... It is a truism but it should remind you of those logical questions and obvious answers.

I beg you to be an active actor in your community and do not stand idly by waiting for environmental problems to disappear just like that.

If we know the importance of trees and the environmental tragedy that is the deforestation of rainforests and forests, why do we not act?

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