Map: The “super blood moon”. See if you can see it tonight from your house

Map: The “super blood moon”. See if you can see it tonight from your house

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A NASA map shows in which parts of the world this unique astronomical coincidence will be seen: a total lunar eclipse and the supermoon that we can enjoy these days and that will be stained with blood on the night of Sunday, September 27 at Monday 28.

NASA lists the ins and outs of this particular astronomical phenomenon, the first in 30 years and the last in the next 18. The Moon will come closer to Earth than any other night of the year, making it appear 14% larger and a 30% brighter than usual.

Unlike solar, during a lunar eclipse our satellite continues to reflect a little of the sunlight refracted by the Earth's atmosphere, so it does not disappear completely, but changes its color. Unlike what happens in solar eclipses, this one can be seen with the naked eye, without glasses or additional devices. But even so, not everyone will be able to see it.

The Time and Date portal allows you to see at what time the eclipse will begin, in each region of the planet.


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