How to germinate a lemon seed

How to germinate a lemon seed

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This experiment like others that we have been carrying out, the good thing they have is that we can do them at any time and time of year, just leaving it in the kitchen next to a window is enough.

Now pay attention, if you have lemons at home or you buy them and you have seeds, you have to watch this video! I hope you dare to try it and enjoy with your family watching a lemon tree grow.

Author: Toni Frito. Ecological horticulturist and always looking for a way to grow our plants in an ecological way, and above all also use all means to save money and reuse things that people use as garbage, seeking to be more self-sufficient and above all to get closer to mother nature (Facebook / Twitter / Youtube).


Video: Lemon Tree Bonsai, June 2017 (July 2022).


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