All those who came to Abya Yala (America) before Columbus

All those who came to Abya Yala (America) before Columbus

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By Javier Sanz

Some more solid, others more strange, the fact is that "officially" nothing has changed. Here I expose some of them and each one that draws its own conclusions:

Leif Eriksson, the Fortunate, son of Erik the Red, was a Viking explorer who in 1003 left Greenland heading west. He managed to reach a land that he called Viland and that by its description, and remains found, could be identified with Newfoundland. The following year his brother Thorvald returned and took the witness. He followed the same route and was the first to have contact with the natives.

Zheng He was a Chinese military man, sailor and explorer, especially known for his naval expeditions, carried out between 1405 and 1433. During his travels he explored Southeast Asia, Indonesia, Ceylon, India, the Persian Gulf, the Arabian Peninsula and eastern Africa to the Mozambique Channel. In 2006, after the discovery of a copy of an ancient map from 1418, it is claimed that Zheng also reached the American continent. Although the "Chinese tradition" already speaks of a Buddhist monk, Hui Shum, who in 485 was already preaching in the Yucatan peninsula. And to curl the curl, Guatemala owes its name Gautama (Buddha is the title by which Siddhartha Gautama is known worldwide).

Abubakari II, meek of the Mali Empire, was a king interested in maritime expeditions. In 1310 he sent one to the Atlantic of 400 ships, made up of soldiers and representatives of almost all the guilds, of which only one returned. This disaster did not discourage him in his search and he himself embarked on another one a year later, reaching Central America. This would allow a rational explanation for the existence of traces of African civilization in Brazil, prior to the deportation of the slaves.

Madog ab Owain Gwynedd was, according to tradition, a Welsh prince who sailed west in 1170, fleeing the fratricidal violence of his country and reaching the American continent. He established a settlement in which he left more than 100 people, returning to their land. In 1190 he organized another expedition to continue exploring but when he reached the settlement he was devastated, being himself a victim of the natives.

Hindu legends tell of navigators from India who reached the continent 2000 years before Columbus. Votan is named who lived among the Mayans, Sume in the area of ​​Brazil ...

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