July 22 - World Day Against Mega-mining

July 22 - World Day Against Mega-mining

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With promises of employment, with an increase in tax income and a few tenths of economic growth, they want to convince us to accept this madness and to believe in clean and responsible mines, when we well know that where there is a mine there is misery and desolation. In all parts of the world, we are more and more numerous in having decided to defend our homes and reject this fatality.

Within the framework of the self-managed day to fight against mega-mining, for the defense of life and water (July 22), this year, as every year, we summon ourselves to say loud and clear:

NO to mining that uses toxic products such as cyanide and sulfuric acid that pollute drinking and agricultural water, air and soils, seriously affecting the health of the surrounding inhabitants,

NO to the megamines that each year generate hundreds of millions of toxic waste whose contamination lasts for centuries.

NO to open-pit mines that destroy ecosystems, agricultural areas, forests, glaciers, cause incurable pathologies, leave behind lunar landscapes and threaten food sovereignty

NO, also to the underground mines that make radioactive, toxic and carcinogenic elements rise from the bowels of the earth,

NO to this industry that kills, little by little and by great strides, thousands of peasants expelled from their lands, deprived of water or converted into miners by obligation,

NO to the violence, misery and inequalities that accompany the infinite extension of sacrifice zones

NO to the criminalization of protest and the repression that almost systematically falls on those who dare to say NO,

NO to the lies of the magicians of social acceptance who never tire of trying to show that destructive projects can be "clean", "green" and "responsible",

NO to the thirst for profit, the unbridled productivism and the unbridled consumerism that make us believe that there is no other alternative




Let's decide our future and that of our children!

In solidarity with all the struggles, we invite the population to mobilize in their territories threatened by mining projects and we also call on all those who feel committed and in solidarity with the victims of mining, here and everywhere. During the last two weeks of July let us demonstrate, let us report, let us organize the resistance. Let's join with the mobilizations organized near our places. Festivals, rallies, symbolic actions, large or small, with 5, 100, 1000 or 100 000, in front of the centers of power or the embassies of the countries of origin of the companies responsible for our ills, in places threatened or witnesses of destruction, on the web, on social media and in all media, by all means wherever we can, mark our opposition to this deadly industry.

Because we can live without mega-mining! Because there is no fatality!

This call does not respond to any political flag. The mobilizations are self-managed in their entirety. In 2014, more than 25 resistance movements in 20 different countries participated in the world day.

If you want to participate and contribute to the dissemination of the planned mobilizations, please send your adhesions and the details of the actions quickly to:

Details of the events, information and more:…

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Video: The Worlds Largest Gold Mine. Super Structures. Spark (July 2022).


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