An engineer created a community to “live outside the‘ matrix ’” in Uritorco - Córdoba

An engineer created a community to “live outside the‘ matrix ’” in Uritorco - Córdoba

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Seven years ago, the engineer Juan Bilezker (52) was driving to Capilla del Monte and when he passed in front of Uritorco he saw a shooting star fall. Three years later, he bought 51 hectares four kilometers from the hill. “All people tired of the matrix come to Capilla del Monte. They are all black sheep. The system does not suit them. Coming to live here is leaving the safe life and consumption ", says Juan, today in the tiny mobile home where he lives for the moment, and from which he has a panoramic view of the hill that he turned into a space of spiritual brotherhood.

The mountain was baptized Wallala, in reference to the mythical paradise of Nordic mythology, which was reached by climbing the rainbow, and to open its paths through the wild bushes, the engineer hired a satellite study; Of the seventy lots available, thirty-eight already have owners, who have not yet built, and eleven families come and go from Buenos Aires until the houses are finished; four families live in finished houses.

Some constructions respond to classic patterns and their materials are wood, adobe and local stone, like the one that Juan himself is building; Others, such as Afro (42), a Buenos Aires business administrator who was the first to move, meet the purest criteria of permaculture: hers is a hexagon of only adobe walls distributed circularly and lighting with 12-inch LEDs. volts powered through solar energy panels. The bathrooms are ecological and, since drinking water is a treasure, the engineer built a mill on the highest point of the hill and later added a pipe that pumps the water from below.

For the owners of this particular condominium, Wallala is an alternative way of life. "Dear evolving units of consciousness, that is, friends," Juan tells them when he writes, and his words are not a pose. “Here you breathe peace, there is time, a lot of nature and little information from the media. Silence is common and internal states are experienced very frequently. It's hard not to be present and in gratitude. Not knowing seeks its place and you begin to feel more than to think, without putting words that imprison it, "he adds, and it becomes difficult to avoid the intense gaze of his clear eyes.

"I had made a path of spirituality for ten years," Afro recalls playing music on the laptot without internet that he has in his little house with two bedrooms and a small kitchen-dining room, windows decorated with recycled glass and hand-painted floors. “I had divorced in 2001 because conventional life did not fill me, and I went to India for five months. He needed to find something else. I started reading Osho and doing meditation. I lived in his ashram and in the Himalayas. The lamas teach you that life does not go through working but trying to be happy and have inner peace ”.

“Ten years later, one day Juan fell into the house of a friend. I knew him from Osho's meditations. I heard him talk about his idea of ​​building a community life in a neighborhood in Córdoba and I said to myself: 'This is it,' ”Afro recalls.

Living with the spirit set first, without dogmas or beliefs, with awareness of the task of "lowering heaven to earth", encourages the people of Wallala to be more authentic every day, such is their way of doing, in front of Uritorco , a possible paradise.

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