Identify trees with your mobile? Now you can, with Arbolapp

Identify trees with your mobile? Now you can, with Arbolapp

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If the answer is yes, you are surely an expert or a great passionate about botany. If you recognize any and the curiosity to identify the others is very strong, I have good news!

Since last November, professional and amateur naturalists can now download the free Arbolapp mobile app, which offers useful tools for the recognition of wild trees present in the peninsula and the Balearic Islands.

And I have not missed the opportunity to test it on my excursions.

Arbolapp is based on a intuitive design and simplified scientific content, using data from the research of the Higher Council for Scientific Research (CSIC) of the Royal Botanical Garden.

The interface is clean and therefore clear and intuitive. When starting the application, you are asked to choose between guided and free identification. You also have the option of directly accessing a list of 98 trees or look up terms in the glossary.

During my walks I have preferred to use above all the option of free search starting with the format of the sheets helps you find which species you are observing.

Once you have found the most similar type of leaf, you have the option to see the trees that correspond to those characteristics and help you with the photos proposed by the application.

Depending on the species, the app offers a detailed description of the fruits and flowers - a great help if the plant you are looking at has any. In my case I have had some doubts in the identification of a juniper, since two of the described species were very close to the one I found and had not yet flowered.

The description that accompanies each file is very complete and understandable. It ranges from notions about the botanical species and geographical distribution, to some curiosities about historical uses or anecdotes about the plant.

Lately my walks in the mountains have become even more enjoyable and entertaining: I have learned new things by observing nature more closely.

In addition the application works offline And that's perfect when you walk in areas where there is no coverage.

Over time I have been exploring the application and I have noted some details that perhaps you should take into account if it is the first time you try Arbolapp:

  • The battery of the mobile downloads quickly when browsing Arbolapp. I advise you to bring a portable charger.
  • In the free search section the option to recognition for flowers does not offer you suggestions. I imagine the authors are working to expand the app.
  • As you progress in the navigation, to be able to return to the main menu you have to go back several times. The drop-down menu tab only reappears a few steps before reaching home.

Here I have compiled some data to understand how the reception of this new mobile application has been:

  • Almost 100,000 have been downloads only in the Google Store in just 5 months of its presence in the digital world. Arbolapp is available for free downloads for both iPhone and Android.
  • 4.4 out of 5 the assessment of users who have already tried it.

Within months of the release it seems to have gained quite a few fans. I hope the developers keep expanding and improving features.

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