11 Plants that purify the air in our home

11 Plants that purify the air in our home

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Paints and varnishes, solvents, adhesives, gas stoves, tobacco smoke, printers, air fresheners, household cleaning products, personal hygiene products among others.

In the world of plants we can find some that, due to their characteristics, are better for purifying the air.

Plants that you can have in your home or office that will clean the air you breathe, believe it or not, they free us of all those toxins, in addition to decorating our space.

By growing these purifying plants in our home or office we can improve the environment in which we spend so much time. Here are ten plants that according to a NASA study are among the best for cleaning the air.


It removes formaldahyde and is said to act as a kind of humidifier.


It does not need much light or much water and it absorbs carbon dioxide and releases oxygen also at night, thus, the continuous air purification is inexhaustible.


This is considered one of the best, it does not need too much care.


It is beautiful and will decorate your home as well as purifying the air, but be careful, it is poisonous to pets.


These flowers absorb all impurities of benzene in the air, ideal for homes in which it is smoked. It also picks up the toxins derived from dry cleaning products. Perfect for the laundry room and bedroom.


Listed by NASA as the best air filtering houseplant, it absorbs all harmful toxins. It does not need much maintenance, and you can have it on a planter or hanging from the ceiling.


It absorbs all the toxic impurities found in cleaning products, and if you see brown spots appear on its leaves, that means that the environment is loaded with harmful chemicals.


It does not require much maintenance, it will decorate your home and keep it free of toxins.


It is perfect for a boring room, this shrub is very lush and thanks to its flowers, it fills any room with color. It needs sunlight to live, and it is a clear booster of pure oxygen.


It is the fastest to purify the air but requires more care than the previous plants, so it may be a bit more difficult to care for. You need to have the soil constantly moistened, although it does not require direct sunlight.


This gets rid of toxins derived from polyurethane, detergents, perfumes, etc. In addition to providing the perfect freshness for the home, it is considered an effective filter for chemical products. It requires a lot of light, perfect for spaces near windows.
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