The innovative Intikallpa 3 car is powered by photovoltaic solar energy and will participate in the -Carrera Solar Atacama- in Chile

The innovative Intikallpa 3 car is powered by photovoltaic solar energy and will participate in the -Carrera Solar Atacama- in Chile

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By Ruth Simón Fermosell

In the Municipality of Coquimbo, the University of La Serena and Minera Los Pelambres made the presentation to the local authorities of Intikallpa 3, the solar car that will represent the Region in the -Carrera Solar Atacama-, which will be held between 13 and November 17 in the Tarapacá and Antofagasta Regions.

In this activity, the Seremi de Energía de Coquimbo, Marcelo Salazar, was present, who highlighted that this project is a reflection of the innovation and development that can be achieved in the area, along with highlighting that -the Region is emerging as a leader in the generation of non-conventional renewable energies, taking advantage of their own resources, which is part of the regional development plan.

Non-conventional renewable energies thus play a key role in the energy policy of the future. Within this framework, research and innovation on new technologies, the training of specialized professionals and experimentation with pilot projects are essential. Máximo Pacheco believes that universities have to be essential collaborators to face the country's energy challenges.

For her part, the mayor Hanne Utreras, appreciated that this public-private alliance allows the team to achieve first place in the competition and strengthen this work group, -to enhance the innovation work carried out in the Region-.

-We are pioneers in Chile in renewable energies, and here advanced technologies are being applied in terms of taking advantage of solar energy; we want to take these experiences to other areas-, he stressed.

Meanwhile, Jorge Misle, operations manager of Minera Los Pelambres, added that the car comes to consolidate solar technology and the development of the materials used in its manufacture, therefore, the task that comes is "to expand the agreement to add other mining and wind energy companies that allow job opportunities. "

Ricardo Castillo, director of the department of mechanical engineering at the University of La Serena, said that this project is an example of our capacity and enthusiasm in technological innovation, being part of the educational model of our house of studies.

The Carrera Solar Atacama is more than a competition. It seeks to generate an environment of collaboration and networking between students and professionals, in favor of technological innovation and research, in the field of sustainable mobility and renewable energy. The teams come from higher education institutions, private companies, secondary education entities or alliances between them. In addition to the promotion involved in participating in the projects, you get a very positive learning from the experience. The multidisciplinary teams pool resources to design and build an ecological and clean vehicle whose power source is solar energy.

The Intikallpa 3 was built 100% with carbon fiber and its monocrystalline silicon photovoltaic cells were brought directly from Germany, which present 2% more efficiency than those of the previous year. Its aerodynamic design was also improved for lower energy consumption and its weight was lowered by 30 kilos, reaching a total of 165 kilos. One of the novelties of the 2014 model is that it has 4 wheels, which would allow it, in the future, to participate in the Challenge category in Australia.

The new car measures 4.5 meters long by 1.70 meters wide and a height of only 1.10 meters, manages to generate around 1,300 watts, equivalent to the operation of an electric kettle, enough energy that takes it to reach over 130 kilometers / hour .

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