5 + 1 fast growing fruit trees

5 + 1 fast growing fruit trees

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If you live in a geographical area with a Mediterranean climate, you can plant a fig tree and in one or two years you will be able to enjoy your first figs. It is clear that it will not be a huge harvest but it will be very satisfying. Fig trees can be grown from cuttings.

Blackberries are an exquisite delicacy that has many uses. If we plant an already grown and grafted mulberry that we can buy in horticulture centers a year we will have the first harvest and after two years we will be amazed by the production of our small and young mulberry.

In the same way we can plant young peaches and nectarines from the nursery, between one and three years you can collect a box of fruits per tree.

Limes and lemons are also fast growing, already grafted nursery seedlings will give us a decent production in one or two years. Of course they need a warm climate but we can also grow them indoors in pots or planters.

The American black cherry (Prunus serotina) is a variety that also grows fast, much more than other types of cherry trees, since in two or three years we will have good fruit production.

The chestnut is one of the fastest producing nut trees in existence. As much as if we plant some chestnuts this fall we will have production in three years.

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