14,500 years ago Antarctica suddenly thawed and the sea rose 16 meters

14,500 years ago Antarctica suddenly thawed and the sea rose 16 meters

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By Anastasia Gubin

They found that in the transition to the current warming period there are eight time periods in which iceberg transports greatly increased between 19,000 to 9,000 years ago. 14,600 years ago the thaw was such that the sea level rose to 16 meters, reported the University of Cologne on May 28.

"The surge toward more iceberg activity occurred abruptly, often within a decade, suggesting at least a partial collapse of the Antarctic ice sheet," Michael Weber said, according to the University. Earlier reconstructions described a subsequent and gradual ice retreat from the white continent. "We can show for the first time that Antarctica made a significant contribution to the higher sea level rise about 14,600 years ago," Peter Clark of Oregon State University said in the same report.

This was in just a 350-year period, in which, "the sea level rose about 16 meters, Clark added.

"We assume that the oceanic circulation brought water warmer than the ice sheets and thus contributed to destabilization," added Axel Timmermann of the University of Hawaii.

Scientists hope to compare the dynamics of this discovery to be exploited alongside the warming process caused by humans today, and "provide a better forecast for the future," added Gerrit Lohmann, from the Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar and Marine Research.

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