The Soy of Wrath

The Soy of Wrath

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Another historically peasant country that in recent years has been in the hands of large corporations. Small farmers must decide between two possibilities: either continue with their small crops increasingly contaminated by their neighbors' pesticide use, or start buying products from this corporation. Those who do tend to enter a vicious cycle of needing new seeds from Monsando and increasingly strong pesticides.
An agriculture based for decades on self-consumption and on offering the best food to the country, now focuses on monoculture. Thousands of hectares of soy grow in Paraguay and will later become food for livestock around the world. While the country has more and more problems to supply itself with quality food that is mostly imported.
Thousands of farmers are sick due to the use of pesticides and the Central Hospital of the country is conducting a study to demonstrate the increase in cancer cases with Monsanto products. But in the face of difficulties in the countryside, thousands of Paraguayans find it necessary to reach the cities and settle in suburbs that have become true belts of poverty where the only job they can do is recycling garbage.
The country began to change this policy a few years ago with the arrival of Fernando Lugo to power, but the coup d'état supported by big businessmen in the country has achieved that the situation in the Paraguayan countryside is but never.

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